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Shupe Studios use of Time Lapse Photography

Summer 2004, Shupe Studios was assigned to photograph the construction of the Democratic Convention held at Boston's Fleet Center. We installed two 8 Megapixel digital cameras.

The first was attached to the exterior of the Fleet Center looking Southeast to capture the construction of a media complex. This 2-story temporary "tent", complete with an elevator, was built in the parking lot where the old Boston Garden use to stand. The camera was in a climate controlled secure enclosure mounted 20 feet above ground.

The second camera was mounted inside the Fleet Center to the rafters to capture the history of the convention. We started filming the Fleet Center in its normal layout, following the transformation to the completion of the National Democratic Convention Stage. Extra emphasis, of course was placed on shots of the candidate and all the pageantry including the balloon drop. Then we continued the photographic history as the Fleet Center reverted back to the original layout

The examples to your right are Quick-Time Movies culled from the thousands of images coptured. The exterior time laps movie is 18.5 megabits and the interior is 40.7 megabits. It's recommended that you have a high speed modem or T1 line to down load the files, otherwise time will be very long. Quicktime is availible at www.Apple.com. If you would like a person showing feel free to Gregg Shupe.

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